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BNW Editor is a free to use game engine, or if you want a tiny text-editor with many settings.

The main function is the command function, so in BNW Editor you can create some commands to adjust your text engine. This is the alpha-version (not finished program); there aren't too many of these, but here's a list:


  • - BNW::SETTING : COLOR_name | true   // Color name for e.X: COLOR_red
  •     ( this changes the font color of the text editor, not saved in file normally)
  • -BNW::SETTING : panelbg | identifier    // (identifier for e.X: orange_red
  •     important: there are some specific color combinations, look at the end of this
  •    description to find all lists of colors))
  • - BNW::SETTING : nomenu | true   // hides the text-editing menu, false activates
  •    it again
  • - BNW::SETTING : readable | true     // this makes the text-editing for the current  file off, this is very important for your text game, because this set, that the user can't edit the plain text. ( you also can't edit the text anymore,be careful,make backups in "notes" or in a different file.

before saving the file check the file ending in (bottom left) > settings,

 (middle right) file end, choose what you want, I recommend for bnw files .bnwfile

AND USE CRYPTO (crypto on in settings), to AVOID that user can look into your game with normal text editors (crypto encrypt your text game so just people with bnw editor can look into it)

 - Color list 

  | panelbg colorsets:

  1.   gray-yellow
  2. green-gray
  3. blue-white
  4. red-white
  5. white-black
  6. orange-red
  7. green-green
  8. blue-blue
  9. red-red
  10. white-orange

| Font colorsets:

  1.  COLOR_red
  2. COLOR_green
  3. COLOR_blue
  4. COLOR_white   // standart


I hope you have fun while trying,

please give me feedback in comments.

This software is compatible in english and german.


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